About iQualify

iQualify offers a powerful, learner-centred education experience. It's tailored to fit your organisation and to inspire learner success.

Who We Are

We're iQualify and we're discovering how to make the world's most engaging social learning experience every day - backed by 70 years of distance learning experience.

Meet the leadership team

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Alex MacCreadie

General Manager, iQualify
Alex joined Open Polytechnic in January 2017 where he worked closely with the iQualify LMS, and in 2023 he took over leadership of the iQualify team and platform. His focus is on using education technology to pioneer approaches in using analytics as a teaching and planning tool, as well as blended and flipped learning pedagogies.

Previously Alex has held several senior roles in schools and tertiary providers including leading innovation in curriculum design and supporting the development of e-learning resources.

Alex holds a BA and an MA in science from the University of Otago, as well as a Diploma of Teaching and Learning from the University of Otago College of Education.

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Fraser Kennedy

Head of Infrastructure, iQualify
With over 20 years in the education and technology sector Fraser brings a wealth of skills and industry knowledge to the team. He's been a system administrator, a content writer, a delivery lead, a development manager, an architect and at one time was even a developer.

His focus is people and he has a passion for, and proven success in empowering people and leading successful teams. He loves Agile practices, largely because they align with his personal values.

Fraser has perviously worked at a variety of organisations, most recently Open Polytechnic, leading and inspiring successful development, infrastructure and application teams.

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Sue Roddick

Head of Delivery
Sue Roddick is the dedicated and accomplished Head of Delivery at iQualify. Sue has been an integral part of the iQualify team since 2015, where she has continuously showcased her expertise and leadership in driving efficient and effective delivery practices.

In her role, Sue plays a crucial role in guiding and inspiring the team to adopt lean development practices. Her unwavering commitment to iQualify’s build, measure, and learn mantra ensures that every aspect of delivery is geared towards providing the best possible outcomes for customers and learners alike.

Before joining iQualify, Sue had a diverse career across various sectors, including education, insurance, and telecommunications. Sue’s blend of expertise, leadership, and a down-to-earth approach makes her an exceptional asset to the iQualify team.

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Paulene Crook

Head of Product
As Head of Product, Paulene works with our partners to help them deliver highly engaging social learning experiences. With a strong background in educational technology and digital pedagogy, she will ensure that your transition to iQualify helps you achieve your learning and development goals. With a platform that is powered by learning, Paulene is also responsible for making sure your feedback and your learner interactions in iQualify feed into our future delivery pipeline.

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Michele de Bes

Head of Design/UX
Michele is a seasoned professional with a diverse career background, but her true passion lies in leading design and UX teams. Currently serving as the Head of Design and UX, Michele brings a strategic vision to her role, driving innovative design solutions that elevate user experiences.

Throughout her career, Michele has demonstrated a keen ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams, translating complex ideas into intuitive designs. Under Michele’s guidance, the design team continues to thrive, setting new standards for modern design practices and delivering impactful solutions.

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Christine Nicholls

Head of Customer Success
Christine has been an integral part of the iQualify team since 2015. Throughout her journey with iQualify, Christine has held various customer-facing roles, consistently demonstrating her commitment to ensuring that customers get value and satisfaction from the platform.

With her wealth of experience and expertise in customer relations, Christine has now taken on the crucial role of heading up our customers at iQualify. Driven by a genuine passion for education and the transformative power of iQualify’s platform, Christine is on a mission to make a positive impact in the lives of customers, learners, and educational institutions alike, through strategic partnership management.