Tools and Features

Design world-class, engaging courses. Embed videos, images, tasks and interactive elements to motivate your learners.

Authoring tool

With our flexible authoring tool you can organise, reorder, edit or repurpose your content, saving you time. Collaborate and get feedback with other authors.

You can also can add pull outs, case studies and quotes to ensure a consistent look and make your course stand out beautifully.

iQualify Authoring tools shown on laptop and mobile

Media and interactives

Embed video, images, and interactive elements to create engaging and rich learning experiences.

iQualify media interactives and LTis


Motivate learners by adding a range of tasks where they can get instant feedback.

IQualify pulse chart showing example results on a three point plotted chart

Social learning

Engage your learners with social tools such as forums, in page discussions, social notes, and pulses.

IQualify social learning conversations in course on laptop and mobile


Choose from a range of assessment activities including quizzes, evidence-based photo and video submissions, drag and drop, math equations, peer evaluation and group assessments.


Explain terms with the inbuilt glossary. Terms will automatically be underlined throughout the course, giving your learners the definitions as and when they need them.

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