iQualify enhancement
and update log

Do you want to be the first to hear about updates to iQualify? Then this is the place to be. Here is where we keep an up to date summary of enhancements made to the platform.

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March releases

  • Improvement for when a facilitator hides a message - it’ll now be removed from the moderation queue.
  • Improvement for when a learner deletes a reported message - it’ll now be removed from the moderation queue.
  • Allowing messages to be deleted in threads of Talk channels.
  • Discussion controls implemented on social notes.
  • Ability to subscribe to new moderation reports by email.
  • New code snippet tool options available to authors (Codepen, Gist, JS Fiddle).

February releases

  • Improvements to breadcrumbs (accessibility).
  • Platform security improvements.
  • Fix for course weightings and course dates to carry over when duplicating courses.
  • Improvements to subscribing/unsubscribing to Talk channels.
  • Improvement to add the property rootTaskVariationId for API users.

January releases

  • Task enhancements, including being able to add LaTex to feedback.
  • Fixing the bug that resulted in tasks reappearing in some courses on republish.
  • Glossaries can now include special characters.
  • Talk can now be accessed directly from course cards.
  • Updates to formatting such as making the inline code option easier to find.
  • Reviewers now receive a notification when their post has a reply.
  • Refinements to learner relative dates.
  • Accessibility improvements for tabs and filters.
  • Improvements to User Group API token handling.
  • Improved logic so only current learners will get notifications.
  • Design enhancements to menu icons across the platform.


November releases

  • Improvements to colour contrast for accessibility.
  • Improvements to LaTex handling.

October releases

  • Self-sign up for courses no longer requires setting up a payment option.
  • Task variation title now displays for facilitators and coaches with Awaiting Marking/Feedback status.
  • Clearer messaging for learners saving draft tasks.
  • Fix to glossary items flowing through to licensed courses.
  • Fix to in-course search results.

September releases

  • General fixes to video embed options to support start and end times.
  • Resources are now uploaded in downloads accessible from the left navigation menu.
  • Create dashboard performance improvement.
  • Improved handling of longer filenames in downloads area.
  • User management updates in the iQualify settings area including the ability to view and add user tags.
  • Resolved an issue with self-signup for an already registered person.
  • General visual fixes for Tasks.

August releases

  • Talk channels and end of page discussions performance improvements.

July releases

  • Support for Google Analytics G4.
  • Improvements to Class Console filtering and accessibility.
  • Resolved a problem with the clipboard in Create resources.
  • New layout and design for the Create banner.

June releases

  • Expansion of Māori language pack.
  • Better security around simple file uploads.
  • Ability to hide content pages in Manage.
  • Improvements to SSO.
  • Event Hub can now capture audio submission files from Written and Recorded Audio tasks.
  • Improvements to the in app notification indicator.

May releases

  • Accessibility enhancements to Class Console.
  • Security updates.
  • Improvements to social API.
  • Improvements to language packs.

April releases

  • New API endpoint to get information about a learner in an offering including their relative dates.
  • Improvements to Task variations.
  • Security updates.

March releases

  • New filter added to the Class Console allowing a facilitator to filter for learners who are awaiting badges to be awarded.
  • Added learner relative start date to class activation notification emails for learners.
  • Tasks: Improved layout options, and added being able to edit the response containers for the Label with drag and drop task.
  • Added the option to select a preferred email address in My Account for notifications.
  • Added microcopy to explain task variations.
  • Improved accessibility of the Class Console (colour change).
  • Enhancement to the authoring experience with options to add resources and publish in-page.
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