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Badges are the new assessment

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Badges - or microcredentials - are continuing to emerge as a great way to recognise achievement without necessarily awarding a formal credential. They do wonders for driving motivation and engagement, and over time provide a truly transportable piece of completion evidence.

iQualify enables partners to provide badges once a course or module (depending on how you structure your content) has been completed. An iQualify badge provides both a visual representation of knowledge acquired and also rich metadata behind the badge with the learning details.

A course-level badge can be earned once a learner meets one of three scenarios: 100% course progress, achieves competency on any quizzes that are set up as competency-based (i.e. "100% mandatory”), or both of these things.

You can determine course by course whether to offer a badge for completion. A Manage Administrator can set this up on an offering by offering basis. On the Badge tab of a course offering in Manage, you can select to award learners with a badge for the course. You can edit details about the badge and we provide you with a default name and description to get you started.

Screenshot of setting up badge details.

Once badge criteria has been met, learners will receive a notification and can view their badge on the Progress tab.

In the future we’re looking to further expand badges in iQualify to cover evidence-based requirements of achievement, enabling multiple badges per course, and providing ways for learner to share their badges to show what they have achieved. We’re looking forward to seeing how our partners make use of iQualify’s course-level badges and how this impacts the motivation and recognition of learner achievement.

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