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Ageless and evergreen

Paulene Crook
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Paulene Crook

Internet Explorer 11 officially “died” in June this year. Windows 7 went the way of the dodo in 2020. When a product becomes out of date, or reaches the end of its life, your software might still keep working for a while, but you will have greater vulnerability to security threats, bugs that won’t get fixed, and you’ll experience a range of other issues such as incompatibility.

The more modern approach to the challenge of keeping software up to date is to make updates continuously and seamlessly. This is what we aim for at iQualify. In the industry this is referred to as Evergreen IT Management, or just evergreen software. You’ll see the same approach on browsers like Chrome that pull down updates and require just a relaunch to be up to date.

For iQualify, some updates are very visible - for example the release of new features. Other updates are more subtle - for example security patches. You can rest easy knowing our deployments and updates don’t sleep.

We release new features, fixes, performance and security improvements regularly while the app is still running. This means we also need to use strategies to stop any breaking changes. With our API for instance, we make sure that we don't change any existing attributes for our endpoints so that all your integrations endpoints keep working. And if the format of the endpoint is going to change, we either version the endpoint or add a new endpoint and encourage people to migrate to it over time.

With all these changes happening all the time, we try not to interrupt your flow by telling you about each and every release (though we do publish a list of releases). Instead, we keep you up to date just with the larger changes through in-app posts and tours to show you around. You can also subscribe to our iQualify updates for notifications about changes.

With iQualify, every time you log in, or switch from one page to another,  you’re working with the very latest update. No update buttons, no installations. We provide seamless updates constantly. Often multiple times a week. We aim for the entire update process to be frictionless, invisible, and require basically no human intervention.

Because versions don't matter – functionality, security and timely improvements do.

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